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How to smooth wrinkle lines and firm up skin to look younger?

I personally use Clarins Extra-Firming Mask and really love it. As long as you massage your face right, you’ll be able to see and feel the results almost immediately. I created a video to teach those who are interested how to massage your face and apply Clarins Extra-Firming Mask the right way.. those who have tried, please leave your reviews! Would love to hear ’em

Video Tutorial: /watch?v=oFXM9Xhn3Hc
Youtube Channel: LeTramBeauty

Skincare question – Pore help

Hey guys, I’m new here!
I’ve noticed recently that I have quite large pores on my face. As I was growing up i had super greasy skin, I was washing my face every day to keep acne at bay until I went on holiday , and low and behold after a little sun my face completely cleared up! brilliant. I never had another big acne problem again after that.

However I think my pores have always been quite large. I just got back from living in a hot sunny country for about a year. I think a lot of the time I didnt wear suncream. (stupid, I know). It may have affected me.

I’m 23, I’ve come to the realisation that this skin has got to last me my entire life, and therefore i need to take better care of it.

Will my skin always be like this? Is this a big problem or is it pretty normal? can my skin recover and what should I be doing to take care of it, repair damage?


All the best!!

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Dry Skin

So basically I suffer from dry/flaky skin (mainly under the eyes) so I went to the doctors about it and he gave me this cream and told me to put it on daily, so I have been but honestly I don’t really like using it because it’s just so big and clumpy and doesn’t feel right when on my face, plus it takes ages to rub in.

I would rather just have one that I can spray on and just leave it to go into my skin without having to rub in (or only rub in a little bit) is there anything like this that exists, if so could someone help me please

Extremely skin + dead skin build up.

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Is there something your using on your skin that could be causing this? Like a cream ? Overall I recommend seeing a doctor because it could be something going on inside of your body. They can definitely help and tell u what’s going on so that it can stop.

I haven’t been using anything besides lotion after the problem had already started, a couple of years ago I was using Retin-A and glycolic acid on my face and screwed it up badly, it caused a lot of enlarged pores, scars and broken capillaries so since then I decided I wouldn’t do anything to my face.

I did see a doctor who said it was dry skin and that I needed to moisturize, which I have been to no effect. Moisturizer does nothing but when I added Aquaphor it did eventually cause it to come off, then it just comes back after a week. To make matters worse it seems to be damaging my skin further, when it came off initially I noticed more marks in my skin.

Honestly, tired of fighting with my skin and feeling bad about myself. I look like a monster and I feel like eventually I will succumb to all of this, the last couple of years have been extremely depressing. There is nothing quite as defeating as the degradation of yourself.

Can someone please tell me how to solve

Hi. From your pics, I can see that you have large pores and combination skin – dry in some areas and oily around the T-Zone. I would suggest the following:

1. Using clay masks like Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay(get it on amazon) or Queen Helene mint julep mask once a week to clean out the pores and shrink them.
2. Use a gentle AHA soap e.g. Mario Badescu AHA botanical soap in the evening and moisturise with an AHA cream e.g. Alpha Hydroxy face cream every other day until your skin adjusts to the acids then you can use it everyday. On the day you are not using the Aha cream use a hydrating moisturiser like Belif moisturising bomb or Laneige Water bank.

3. In the AM, wash with a mild soap like Dove or cleanse your face with cleansing oil e.g. DHC deep cleansing oil and follow up with a moisturiser. You can use the Belif in the AM too.
4. Do weekly peels – Lactic Acid (15-20% to begin with) or pumpkin peels to peel off the old skin and refine your skin texture.
5. Drink lots of water and get a Hyaluronic Acid oral supplement to help hydrate your skin from inside.

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cleaning skin and getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads.

Hi@Dinn. From your pics I can see that your have large pores and oily skin around your T-zone . I would recommend the following:

1. Get Aztec secret Indian Clay or Queen Helene Mint Julep mask and use either twice a week. This will unclog and shrink your pores.
2. Use a mild salicylic acid wash (e.g. neutrogena oil free acne wash) in the PM and in the AM use a mild soap like cetaphil or a cleansing oil (e.g DHC cleansing oil)
4. Get an AHA cream for the face (e.g Alpha Hydroxy cream) and use this in the evening on alternate days until your skin adapts to the acids. In the AM use a moisturising cream like cetaphil and an oil free sunblock.
5. Do weekly lactic acid peels (15-20%) or pumpkin peels. These will refine your skin texture and also remove the dead skin that has piled up and give you a nice glow
6. Drink lots of water and detox your body

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I have recently started using coconut oil. My procedure is:
1) Wash my face with hot water or use face sauna.
​2) Massage extra virgin coconut oil into my face for one minute.
3) Wash my face with wet towel.

However i have been using this technique for one month and my skin didnt get better. I have still lot of blackheads and red marks on my face.
Before i started using coconut oil i went on deep cleaning of skin. Yesterday i went there too and the doctor told me my pores are more clogged.

What are some alternative procedures for clearing sking , i have tried a lot of things but my skin on face still isnt clear and pretty.

Here are photos of my skin

Thanks for help.

What is this???

Trying to figure out what is happening to my skin, and what can I do to fix it?

It itches when I touch it and when a cold breeze goes over it, it begins itching also.

Any help will be excellent, thank you.

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Five Ways On How Fix Crepey Skin: An Ultimate Guide.

Five Ways On How Fix Crepey Skin: An Ultimate Guide.
written by: WambuiSon3

As age catches up, there are so many changes that we notice and our skin is one of the first areas where we begin to notice such changes. A great number of people complain of wrinkles but the crepey skin is one of the greatest burdens that affect a bigger percentage of the skin.

Crepey skin appearance is usually due to a drop in collagen and elastin production with a combination of our skin becoming thinner. You find that these two proteins mentioned above are the one responsible for plump, supple and youthful skin appearance. When this changes sets in our skin becomes more crinkly or saggy, like how a thin crepe paper looks like or a crepe.

On the other hand, wrinkles occur because of the continuous repetitive motion at one area of the skin, that usually used to return to its position, but as we age, it doesn’t spring back normally. This, in turn, leads to the formation of a groove which consequently becomes a wrinkle. Examples of these repetitive motions include squinting, smiling, and frowning.

What Causes Crepey Skin?

It is important to note that protein production starts to drop in your skin as you enter your thirties. This is similar to wrinkles in that the supple skin that used to bounce back efficiently and quick stops. More so, the skin becomes thinner due to loss of proteins that come with aging. You find that crepe skin can take so many years to appear in some people, but a big percentage of people it starts to be noticeable in their early forties, especially around the face, hands, and neck décolletage.

Aging is one of the biggest causes of crepey skin. But there are other factors that can play a part in the formation of crepe skin. These factors include the following:
• Cigarettes
• Diet
• Genetics
• Hormones
• Dry skin
• UV exposure

There is no need to panic because most of the above-mentioned factors can be prevented. Below we are going to look at the main ways you can fix crepey skin.

How To Fix Crepe Skin

1. UV light Protection

Exposing yourself to direct sun rays does not only harm our skin cells but it is also one of the greatest contributors to what is known as premature aging. Damage by UV rays that comes from the sun alters the skin normal structure a condition referred to as “photo aging”. Photo aging damages elastin and collagen production which are the main proteins for skin youthful appearance and elasticity.

2. Moisturizing Your Skin Daily

Our skin gets less oil as we age, dehydrated and dry skin can be a trigger to the formation of crepe skin. It is not too late or too early to start moisturizing your skin daily even if you are a millennial. It becomes more important when you hit your forties to ensure you moisturize your body daily. Arm yourself with skin care products that have a high content of lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid or salicylic acid which will exfoliate and deeply moisturize your skin.

3. Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners

Soaps and cleaners that are too harsh on your skin can strip of the protein barrier and natural lipid, even those expensive ones. It is recommended to use skin cleaners which have high glycerin content without sodium laurel sulfate foam forming agents. Salicylic acid cleaners are can be a good choice as well.

4. Clean Up Your Diet

A diet that has a high concentration of sugar content can give rise to glycation, this makes glucose to attach to the proteins which can lead to elastin and collagen stiffening. Make sure you take a diet with omega-3 fatty acids which ensure that your cells are well hydrated and avoid sugary diet.

5. Hormones

As we age hormones production by our bodies decreases, particularly when females get to their menopause. This leads to a drier skin something that increases the probability of crepey skin formation. However, we do not have the control of hormones production but we can manage to ensure skin moisturizing as well as the hormone replacement therapy option.

We have looked at the effects that UV rays from the sun have on our skin, just conduct a simple experiment yourself, and look at your body parts that don’t come into contact with the light of day such as your upper thighs. Definitely, the skin will be less freckled, plumper, and a much more youthful appearance. This is because the sun has never had a chance to hit such areas to damage it.

You find that when you first notice crepey skin it can be a bit alarming. Until such a scenario occurs you find that most of us lead their lives ignoring the aging process. Crepey skin formation usually happens at a very slow rate but we can take cautionary measures to slow it down more.

In conclusion, those who are more concerned about crepey skin and they want to do more research about can look for dermatological interventions available like fillers, ultrasounds, and Fraxel laser. It is worth to mention that not everyone is guaranteed to get results, but some people can get satisfying outcomes.

Beautiful Skin Brings the Best of You

The skin is always at the edge of getting infected and contaminated due to the exposure to the ultraviolet rays and dust and pollution. A little disinterest towards the skin care can lead to dysfunction and the equation alters due to the lack of the fighting agents resulting weak immunity.  Such situations agitate the occurrence of an acne on the skin surface. A skin inflammation is likely to persist for long, but it should be cured as soon as possible as the results are excruciating and equipped with scars. The more severe form of acne is cystic acne which is much more painful and the results are serious scars and cyst pits.


The skin pores otherwise called Pilosebaceous are the sole responsible element to carry the dead skin tissues and secrets the oily liquid which are known as Sebum. When a skin experience the ill effects of breakouts, the contamination begins as the dust and the over produced sebum stops the pores. The Anaerobic bacterium gets trapped inside the pores and starts the infection. The bacteria also break the skin cells and ruptures the walls of the tunnels. The results are the bump featured as acne, swollen area and cyst surrounding the acne turn reddish.

Acne elevator

The over production of Sebum or the over production of the skin cells on some occasions obstruct the pores and shed the skin cells. This gives elevation to the comedones, which produced due to the over secretion of Sebum clogs either as whiteheads or zits. The utilization of a percentage of the medications as prescribed by the doctors to cure other diseases also plays the role of a catalyst for its occurrence. The medicine, which has the highest concentration of lithium, corticosteroid and isoniazid likewise causes skin to break out.

The hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle also one of the factors and it’s mostly seen in the teenagers ageing between16 to 25. The period of pregnancy brings lot many changes in the equation of a female’s body and this alters the hormones drastically, which causes acne. The climatic conditions which possess humidity and excessive heat also promotes an acne. The acne treatment starts with the self-care of the skin by keeping it healthy and clean. The effects of acne can be mostly seen in the lower portion of the facial area, over the shoulders, arms, collar and also in the middle back of the body.

There are a few myths spread about the even on skin break out as acne, for example, the utilization of dairy items, chocolates, oil rich organic products, nuts, sporadic washing the face and so forth. Be that as it may, none of these variables have ground motivation to bolster the reason for the occurrence of an acne.

Acne cure

The best acne treatment has a long list, but every human body needs different medicines as per its nature. There are medicines which are available as creams, lotions, gel based, injectable medicines and oral antibiotics. The acne treatment is best served by the use of Clindamycin which comes as a lotion and it should be applied in every affected area not just on the spots. This medicine is best known for the treatment of an acne as it starts the process by eliminating the anaerobic bacteria and pushes the pus out of the cyst. This pacifies the bump and redness and the regular usage construct the ruptured skin cells and eradicates the scars.

There are a few do’s which are proven to be very helpful in the eradication process of an acne. The cleaning of the skin should be with a mild, non-drying soap and there is no need to rub the affected area with harsh hands. Prefer water based or noncomedogenic formulas for creams and lotion. The noncomedogenic products are tested and proved as non-clogging nature. Try and avoid touching the infected area and picking or squeezing the acne can leave serious marks which take months of medication to vanish. The initial acne treatment is based by following above explained tips.

When a minute spot is paining while touching, so this can be an acne. Always take the prescription from the doctor or the dermatologist before the consumption of any medicines. Do mention any situation or condition which you are going through and under any medication as the fusion of medicines might agitate the cyst.

Why One Two Lashes is the Best Post-Gym Makeup Hack

Every morning a lot of women are faced with a difficult decision of having to wear their make up within minutes after going to the gym. Working out is a crucial part of most ladies’ morning, and immediately after the exercise they usually find themselves having to prepare for work or school in a matter of minutes. In such cases, wearing makeup perfectly becomes quite challenging. As a woman, therefore, you’d be looking for any beauty hack that’s straightforward and quick to use, and at the same time, it should be giving you the sharp and gorgeous appearance that you want. Which other way to achieve this if not through the award winning One Two Magnetic Eye Lashes? With these lashes, it shouldn’t take you more than three minutes to get a long lasting dewy look that will last you the whole day. You no longer have to spend endless hours drawing and mounting false glue eye lashes where the chances of making errors are so high. One Two Lash is the first magnetic eyelash to be made. They are perfect extensions that’ll boost your morning glow in a matter of seconds, and this is how they work:

Applying One Two Lash

Before you even start attaching One Two Lash, you need to know the difference between the top and bottom eye lash. To make them distinctive, the lower lash has a red dot blended on it while the top lash is black throughout.

Step 1 – Pick the top eye lash and mount it on your top natural lashes while keeping it in line with the point where your natural top lash line is. Let it rest there as you pick the bottom eye lash.

Step 2 – Now take the bottom lash and apply it beneath your top lashes just beneath your natural lash line.

Step 3 – Draw the bottom One Two Lash closer to the already applied upper lash. As the two lashes come close together, the magnets will automatically attract each other sandwiching your natural eye lashes.

Step 4 – The final step is more of confirming that the two lashes have been mounted correctly. By blinking a few times, you’ll know whether they are perfectly mounted if not then you can just redo the three easy steps. Perfectly installed One Two Lashes will stay on for as long as you want.

For a video tutorial, take a look at Beauty News by Angela Cruz; she has a step-by-step video that shows how to apply One Two Lash.

Removing One Two Lashes

Removing the One Two lashes involves the same procedure you use when you are trying to separate two magnets which are to slide them apart. With these lashes, however, you should push them gently with using the tips of your thumb and index finger.

One Two Lashes Kit

One Two Lashes are commonly packaged in a small and sturdy package for protection and also to make it easy to carry the lashes from one point to another. When the lashes are in this kit, you can hence carry them around in your gym bag or handbag the whole day without worrying about environmental factors affecting them. The following are some of the other beauty vitals that you can carry to compliment the Lashes.

1. Cleansing wipes – Cleansing wipes are a fantastic pre-moistened tool that helps you to clean debris and other tiny dirt particles that are common after a workout session. They are useful in refreshing your face for a brighter look.

2. Beauty Balm Stick – One of the best beauty balm sticks is the cocoa butter stick. The primary ingredient in this stick is Theobromine an excellent antioxidant which also doubles up as a potent anti aging agent. Using this stick after your workouts will help to keep your skin free from wrinkles and lines to maintain that youthful look.

3. Tinted Balm – Every time you engage in an active physical exercise like in the gym your heart’s pumping increases and this has the effect of improving the appearance of your skin. Your skin will become radiant and warm a beautiful look that you have to maintain. With a tinted balm you’ll be able to give your eyelids, cheeks and lips a matching appearance completing the already glowing skin.

Types of One Two Lashes

Each day brings new feelings and moods which as a woman you sometimes want to express them with how you look. One Two Lashes offers you an incredible opportunity to express your personality with three types of lashes. These are:

1. The Original – This is a natural looking eye lash that is longer, thicker and more luxurious than the regular falsies in the market.

2. The Bold – This pair adds a voluminous and confident look around your eyes. The Bold eye lashes are well known for their versatility in matching with different kinds of clothes.

3. The Accent – The Accent eye lashes aim is for a mysterious yet sexy look that’s been achieved through the curly tips. These eye lashes will make you stand out from the rest of your friends.

One Two Eye Lashes have utilized micro-magnetic technology to deliver the first adhesive and glue-free lashes. Each portable package contains two pairs of these lashes which give you a readily available backup plan whenever you want one. Ignite your post-workout glow with these fantastic and easy to use lashes today.