310 Shake vs GNC Lean Shake: Ingredients, Claims, Benefits and More

310 Shake vs. GNC Lean Shake 1

There are many shakes in the market that claims to help you achieve weight loss. With so many shakes to choose from, not all of these shakes live up to their claims but there are two in particular that compete for the top spot. The two shakes that compete for the top spot are 310 Shake vs GNC Lean Shake. This article will somehow help you to give the best GNC lean shake reviews and choose whether 310 Shake or GNC Total Lean Shake is the best Shake to replace your meals and give you confidence as you go. Before all else, the first thing that needs to be looked into is the ingredients if these coincide with their claims.

310 Shake vs GNC Lean Shake: Ingredients

310 Shake is made up of fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins. Specifically, the shakes contain amino acids, vitamins, plant-based proteins, minerals, and superfood greens. They contain 3 kinds of proteins namely Hemp, Brown-rice, and pea proteins. Furthermore, 310 shakes claim that they are sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, artificial sweeteners-free, and soy-free.

GNC weight loss shakes contain ingredients that promote a healthy digestive system, lessens appetite, and provides more energy. These ingredients’ benefits are not just put to make the nutrition fact fancy. These ingredients were proven to do what they’re ought to do. GNC Protein shakes from the name itself contain protein blends, filtered water, calcium blend, Safflower, and Sunflower Seed Oil. However, there are also some ingredients in this shake that are opposite healthy such as soy, artificial flavors, sucralose, salt, and dairy. 310 Shakes have a plus on the ingredients since it was free of those unhealthy ingredients. However, GNC Lean Shake ingredients are also proven and tested to improve digestive health where 310 Shakes are not distinct.

310 Shake vs GNC Lean Shake: Claims

Next is the claims. The claims are always based on the ingredients because this is the part someone needs to look out to see if it really does work somehow.

310 Shake

The shakes claim the most unique meal replacement shake in the world converts your slow metabolism to a fast pace provide you with the energy that you need lessen your appetite Give you nutrients, Of course, the fact on why they are created: Help you lose your weight

GNC Total Lean Shake

Resist Calorie Intake makes your exercise more effective improves metabolism support the slender body and muscle mass maximize Weight Loss Overall, comparing their claims. These shakes have pretty much the same claims however 310 Shake is more specific since it’s number of claims are higher than GNC Lean Shake.

310 Shake vs GNC Lean Shake: Benefits

The thing with 310 Shakes, there was no study conducted on this supplement however the benefits will just be based on how the ingredients will perform. Since 310 Shake is famous for its Tri-Flex blend of proteins, it is safe to assume that they perform the same as other protein shakes do. 310 Shakes make controls your weight. As 310 Shake has plenty of protein, this can help to manage one’s weight. It also aids you in building your muscles. Fats are replaced with lean muscles especially when this is partnered with a workout routine. 310 Shakes are usually just inside packets. Overall, these shakes can be bought anywhere.

This is where GNC Lean shakes come in action. Since GNC is studied unlike 310 Shakes, benefits are proven and not just compared to what other protein shakes do. Although similar, testing the product itself is different. GNC Total Lean shakes are bought to replace your meals. Therefore, you will get a lesser fat intake. Even without fat intake, GNC Lean shakes are packed full of vitamins and minerals that make up for it. These provide you with the energy you need to go about your day. Also, this GNC lean shake burns fats and calories too fast. Specifically, GNC total lean Shakes help you achieve healthy digestion, balanced blood sugar levels, full without any heavy meals, high nutrition, and loss of weight.

There is no need to compare the two in this category because GNC took the crown on this one since it has been studied compared to 310 Shake.

Product Reviews from other Users

There are mixed reviews saying that these shakes taste great and bad. They have said that they tried their hardest to pair it with anything just to make the taste more tolerable but nothing works so far. Some also said that the shakes have a unique flavor that is refreshing to the taste buds. The two shakes also have mixed reviews regarding the results. Some have said that it worked on them while some said it was a waste of time, effort, and money.

Bottom Line

What do you guys think? Would you want to invest your money in these Protein and Lean Shakes? If yes, which one would you choose? This article has successfully provided you with categories that compare each one. It’s true that losing weight is hard. Overall, you can’t really lose weight if you don’t couple it up with a healthy lifestyle. Drink this, exercise, eat healthily, and then you will surely see some results.


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