About Us

Skin Center NC

Hello I’m Lara Aurelia, and I’m a journalist turned blogger working solely to support an expensive shoe habit.

I also like holidays in California, 60s-inspired dresses, red lipstick, and horror stories – not necessarily all at the same time, you understand, but that works for me, too. I live in central Sweden with my husband, Max, 109 pairs of shoes (and counting), and far too many dresses. Skin Center NC is my attempt to tell the story of my life through words and photos: from the clothes I wear, to the places I go, and the things I do.  It’s also a continuation of the paper diaries I started keeping when I was 10 years old, and continued right up until the start of this blog, in 2016. I’ve spent my entire life telling my story in one form or another, and now I’m using this space to bring it all together, and to continue the story in the form of my daily blog posts about whatever takes my fancy. I´m most often described as a fashion or lifestyle blogger, but I still think of myself primarily as a diarist, and my blog is reflection of that.

In other words, this is the story of my life: here’s a tiny part of it…

My story

After getting engaged to my fiancé mid 2014, he was diagnosed with kidney failure. I used to work a stressful job at a corporate company and decided it was time to quite. This way I could be closer to Max and also enjoy doing something I actually had passion for. I launched my very own hand crafted jeweler business. It was a form of expressing myself and of course having a less stressful job doing something I actually enjoyed.

During 2016 I moved to this beautiful country of Switzerland with my fiancé Max after he had received his kidney transplant midway through 2015, and decided I was going to start this blog, where I’d post outfit of the day, my diet, my travels, basically everything about my life. So you could say I make money for dressing up and wearing all of my favorite make up, 10 year old me would be so damn proud!

Life is way too short to always do things you don’t love just for the sake of money, I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to do something I love so much.


My blog

I post a mixture of outfit photos, beauty product reviews and stories about my life, my home, and the various things I get up to and I rarely stick to one topic for too long. Despite the current focus on fashion and beauty-related topics, Skin Center NC has always been, and always will be, a personal journal at heart. While I have no idea what this site might become in the future, I do know that it will be Skin Center NC I hope you’ll stick around for the ride!