Can You Buy Phentermine Without Prescription?

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It used to be possible to buy diet pills containing Phentermine HCL without a prescription throughout the United States and Canada. But due to the lack of oversight inherent in over the counter medications such as these, people began suffering side effects that compromised their general health. Some of these side effects were even life threatening, such as weakening the heart, and usually were associated with overuse or sudden withdrawal from products containing phentermine. The most famous of these, of course, is a diet pill product called Fen-Phen, which was influential in phentermine becoming reclassified as a  schedule IV controlled substance as a result of the complication some people suffered from taking Fen-Phen over a long period of time. Many lawsuits ensued and diet products containing phentermine fell out of favor with consumers for many years. However, a resurgence in its popularity has emerged recently as a prescription medication for improving weight loss results.

Due to these early problems associated with using phentermine as an appetite suppressant and energy boosting diet pill, it is no longer legal to buy products containing phentermine in the United States or in Canada without a doctor’s prescription. Like amphetamines, phentermine HCL (Hydrochloride), the main ingredient used in Adipex-P 37.5 mg diet pills, block the neural receptors informing us we’re hungry. In other words, it fools our stomach into feeling full when it isn’t, allowing users to fight off hunger pangs associated with dieting. It also boosts energy levels by increasing the heart rate and how much sweat the body produces, both of which stimulate the metabolism and allow us to burn more calories and clear out toxins faster. The problem with phentermine, just like other amphetamines, is that it is highly addictive and can cause unwanted side effects and health complications from overuse or due to withdrawal. For these reasons, phentermine products are no longer available over the counter in  the U.S. and Canada. if you have problem to take pill like this yo can also try detox tea for accomplish your weight loss goal.

There are phentermine-like products, however, that may be purchased without a prescription. For example, the company that provides Adipex-P 37.5 mg diet pills has a non -prescription alternative called PhenObestin 37.5 mg which contains nutraceuticals, or pharmaceutical grade supplements that contain the same appetite suppressant and energy boosting mechanisms as phentermine. Whether its effectiveness is comparable to what is experienced with regular Adipex-P 37.5 mg is unclear. However, it is an affordable option, especially for those unable to obtain a prescription for phentermine products. PhenObestin 37.5 is delivered through direct mail to your door with free shipping and a 100% Money Back Guarantee and comes in 30, 90 and 120-day supplies.

Since it is illegal to purchase phentermine products without a prescription in the United States and Canada, be wary of any products claiming to contain phentermine that are available for purchase without a prescription. Look for the spelling used for phentermine, which will usually be different in some way from the actual spelling of phentermine, and be aware that any claims of supplying diet pills to consumers, usually through online sources, without a prescription that allegedly contain phentermine, are either misrepresenting what  their product contains or attempting to break the law.

Use common consumer protection guidelines against fraud and check the source and rating of any company you’re attempting to buy adipex-P 37.5 mg or other phentermine products through. Be sure to obtain a prescription from your doctor before ordering any products containing  phentermine and purchase these products from reputable sites with proven track records. Most importantly, don’t be fooled by false claims of prescription free phentermine products. They are most likely either products that do not contain phentermine or have a placebo in its place which they’ve given  similar name to . Look for the correct spelling and the products that require a prescription to be sure you’re receiving the real deal.