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Can someone please tell me how to solve

Can someone please tell me how to solve

Hi. From your pics, I can see that you have large pores and combination skin – dry in some areas and oily around the T-Zone. I would suggest the following:

1. Using clay masks like Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay(get it on amazon) or Queen Helene mint julep mask once a week to clean out the pores and shrink them.
2. Use a gentle AHA soap e.g. Mario Badescu AHA botanical soap in the evening and moisturise with an AHA cream e.g. Alpha Hydroxy face cream every other day until your skin adjusts to the acids then you can use it everyday. On the day you are not using the Aha cream use a hydrating moisturiser like Belif moisturising bomb or Laneige Water bank.

3. In the AM, wash with a mild soap like Dove or cleanse your face with cleansing oil e.g. DHC deep cleansing oil and follow up with a moisturiser. You can use the Belif in the AM too.
4. Do weekly peels – Lactic Acid (15-20% to begin with) or pumpkin peels to peel off the old skin and refine your skin texture.
5. Drink lots of water and get a Hyaluronic Acid oral supplement to help hydrate your skin from inside.

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