Hi@Dinn. From your pics I can see that your have large pores and oily skin around your T-zone . I would recommend the following:

1. Get Aztec secret Indian Clay or Queen Helene Mint Julep mask and use either twice a week. This will unclog and shrink your pores.
2. Use a mild salicylic acid wash (e.g. neutrogena oil free acne wash) in the PM and in the AM use a mild soap like cetaphil or a cleansing oil (e.g DHC cleansing oil)
4. Get an AHA cream for the face (e.g Alpha Hydroxy cream) and use this in the evening on alternate days until your skin adapts to the acids. In the AM use a moisturising cream like cetaphil and an oil free sunblock.
5. Do weekly lactic acid peels (15-20%) or pumpkin peels. These will refine your skin texture and also remove the dead skin that has piled up and give you a nice glow
6. Drink lots of water and detox your body

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I have recently started using coconut oil. My procedure is:
1) Wash my face with hot water or use face sauna.
​2) Massage extra virgin coconut oil into my face for one minute.
3) Wash my face with wet towel.

However i have been using this technique for one month and my skin didnt get better. I have still lot of blackheads and red marks on my face.
Before i started using coconut oil i went on deep cleaning of skin. Yesterday i went there too and the doctor told me my pores are more clogged.

What are some alternative procedures for clearing sking , i have tried a lot of things but my skin on face still isnt clear and pretty.

Here are photos of my skin

Thanks for help.