Dark Circles Under Eyes: Common Causes And How To Get Rid of Them

We know that you hate it when everything is perfectly fine about your look, with the only deal-breaker being the dark rings below your eyes. There is no need to worry about that since most of us have been there at some point in our lives. One secret that you might not be aware of is that even the most beautiful women hide these dark circles with concealers or make-ups. Other than making you look old, dark circles under eyes make you look ill and unhealthy. You should know that dark circles might be hard to fix and demand utmost discipline. In this case, you should follow the health care programs and basic skincare tips to the latter and never expect magic to happen overnight. In this post, we will discuss everything that you need to know about dark circles under eyes. We shall discuss some of its causes and how you can easily get rid of them.

About Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles below the lower lids of the eye are common among both men and women. Mostly accompanied by bags, these dark circles might make you look older than you really are. Even worse, they prove to be a bit hard to eliminate. Even though they can affect anyone, they are common among the elderly, people with a genetic predisposition to the condition, and individuals from non-white ethnic groups. What causes dark circles under eyes? Fatigue can seem to be the best logical explanation for the condition. However, there are so many causes to this issue. There should be no cause of concern in many cases, and you never need any medical attention. Proceed below to learn more.

Here Are Some Common Causes of Dark Circles


Extreme fatigue, oversleeping, or staying up for a few hours past the normal bedtime can lead to dark circles under the eyes. Sleep deprivation makes the skin pale and a bit dull. This, therefore, makes the blood vessels together with dark tissues below your skin to easily show. Apart from that, lack of sleep leads to fluid buildup below the eyes that make them appear puffy. Consequently, the dark circles you notice might be the shadows that are cast by the puffy eyelids.

Eye Strain

Staring at the TV or computer for long might lead to strain of the eyes. The strain causes the blood vessels around the eyes to enlarge. As a result, the skin that surrounds the eyes can easily darken. To curb this, you should cup the eyes in the palms each hour to relax the eye muscles and improve the circulation of blood.


Eye dryness and allergic reactions might trigger the dark circles. Whenever you have some allergic reaction, the body will release histamines to respond to the harmful bacteria. Histamines are known to cause uncomfortable symptoms like redness, itchiness, and puffy eyes. Apart from that, they also make the blood vessels to dilate and become visible below the skin. Allergies also increase the urge to scratch and rub the itchy skin around the eyes. These are actions that will even worsen the symptoms. You will have inflammation, swellings, and broken blood vessels—all these results in dark circles under the eye.


Natural aging is yet another cause of the dark circles under eyes. With age catching up with you, the skin tends to become thicker. You will also lose the fat and collagen that is required to maintain the elasticity of the skin. When this happens, the dark blood vessels locate below the skin will become more visible. This will make the area below the eyes to become dark.


Family history also has a role to play in the development of dark circles under the eyes. It might be an inherited trait that is commonly seen in childhood days. This might worsen as you continue growing old or even disappear slowly. Predispositions to some other medical issues like thyroid disease can also lead to dark circles below the eyes.

15 Ways To Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Coconut Oil

this has a high concentration of small-chain fatty acids. These acids aid in the reduction of inflammation and also increases blood circulation. The two conditions actually cause dark circles under your eyes. You can use the cold-pressed coconut oil under the eye for 30 seconds before heading to bed. It takes just a few weeks to see results.

Cold Milk

milk has lactic acid that acts as an exfoliant after applying it to the skin. It can cleanse the pores, smoothen the wrinkles, and restore the skin. For a natural remedy, soak 2 cotton balls in some cold milk and place them under the eyes. Other than using the body exfoliating scrub, this one will be a better option.


despite being a tasty snack, cucumbers can offer a solution to dark circles. They have vitamin K that increases the circulation of blood, and also reduces clotting. Chilled spices, when placed under the eyes, can get the blood pumped and eliminate any dryness.


these contain lycopene that is responsible for the bright red color. Lycopene also serves as an oxidant to reduce inflammation and also stop blood clotting. Studies also suggest that lycopene offers protection against UV radiation, which is a cause of dark circles. Just soak some cotton balls in tomato-squeezed juice. You should dab the balls under the eyes and let them sit before you can rinse.


these contain vitamin C, an oxidant that treats cancer, common cold, and eye diseases. They also stop melanin production by the skin cells, which causes dark circles. You need to peel the potato skin and thoroughly wash the potato. After chopping the potato into slices, place one under each eye.

Tea Bags

tea contains antioxidants that benefit the whole body, including the dark circles. Just steep 2 tea bags in some hot water and place them in the fridge to chill slightly. After that, drain the excess water and place it over the eyes.

Lemon Juice

citric acid and vitamin C are skin brighteners, and the good thing is that lemon juice comes with both. It would be best if you used cotton balls in applying the juice under every eye in the morning and before retiring to bed. However, make sure that you never close the eyes.

Rose Water

this is an anti-inflammatory product that can soothe your skin and restore vibrancy. Soak some makeup cotton pads in this water. After that, place them on the closed eyelids and relax.

Orange Juice

an orange has 70mg of vitamin C, which has so many health benefits. To eliminate dark circles, soak 2 cotton balls in the juice and squeeze out the excess drops. After that, rub these balls under your eyes before going to bed and in the morning.

Vitamin E Oil

this one has anti-oxidant properties that maintain the health of your blood and the skin. To keep your skin nourished with this vitamin, massage some drops of this oil gently under the eyes before retiring to bed.

Dark Chocolate

this is a sweet treat that can help you to get rid of dark circles. This is a superfood, which means that it is rich in nutrients. Cocoa, which is the main ingredient, helps in boosting hydration and increase circulation to your skin. Therefore, it would help if you consumed dark chocolate often since you cannot apply it directly to the skin.

Avoid Too Much Salt

excess salt and inadequate water can dehydrate the body. These are some of the causes of dark circles under your eyes. You should, therefore, avoid snacks that have excess sodium like pizza and popcorns.

Alcohol Reduction

other than weakening the immune system, alcohol will dehydrate the body. You will also look very fatigued the following morning. Cutting off alcohol will make sure that it does not wake up with dark circles.


as we mentioned earlier, fatigue can cause dark circles. It would help if you, therefore, tried to sleep for 7-9 hours every night. That basically leaves the skin feeling and looking refreshed. Consider sleeping on quality pillowcases as well.


sun exposure also causes dark circles. This is because the sun prompts your body to produce melanin, which gives the skin its color. That can also affect the skin under your eyes. It would help if you, therefore, considered using sunscreens amid summer.

What Your Doctor Might Suggest For Dark Circles

What are dark circles under eyes treatment, according to doctors? Your doctor or dermatologist can suggest some medical options based on the diagnosis and the cause for your dark circles. Some of the recommendations on how to get rid of dark circles under eyes will include;

Skin-Lightening Cream

a doctor can prescribe the skin-lightening creams with hydroloquine, azelaic acid, glycolic acid, or kojic acid. These will help to lighten the hyperpigmentation under the eyes. Luckily, some of these creams are easily accessible over the counter.


a dermal filler like Juvederm or Restylane can be easily injected into the tissue under the eye. This is required by a dermatologist, a plastic surgeon, an ophthalmologist, or a trained healthcare giver. These filters will help with the volume loss under the eyes that leads to dark circles.

Laser Therapy

laser treatments make use of heat energy in vaporizing the damaged cells. It targets the dark pigment. Other than lightening the dark skin tones, a laser therapy treatment might also help in collagen formation.


through the help of a plastic surgeon or any trained health provider, they can surgically remove fat in the lower lid blepharoplasty. This process might decrease the shadow that is cast by the eyelid. This will decrease the presence of dark circles.

Chemical Peels

A dermatologist can suggest some light chemical peeling to lighten the dark pigmentations under the eyes. These will include glycolic or retinoic acid. They might also suggest the Jessner peel that combines lactic acid, salicylic acid, and resorcinol.

The Bottom Line

For most people, the dark circles are not permanent and might result from aging or poor sleeping habits. There are several home remedies as well as medical treatment options for dark circles under the eyes. All the same, the dark circles should not cause any alarm whatsoever. However, when the swelling or discoloration happens worsens with time, you need to schedule a doctor or a dermatologist visit. They will make sure that you remain well-diagnosed and receive the best and most suitable treatment.


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