Eight Things You Should Know About Shakeology for Your Kids

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Many parents who have just heard about Shakeology may not be sure whether they should give it to their kids or not. Such hesitation may be due to the limited information that such parents may have about the product. This article discusses some of the crucial information that you should know so that your kids can benefit from Shakeology.

What Is Shakeology?

It may be easier to understand what Shakeology is by knowing what it is not. This product isn’t a weight loss product. It isn’t a protein shake. Shakeology is the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss product which is made from ground ingredients. You can, therefore, use this product in situations when you are unable to have your regular meals.

What Makes Shakeology Different?

Read the Shakeology nutrition label and you will immediately realize that it is different from the other shakes available on the market. The product doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners. It also doesn’t contain any preservatives. Shakeology is free from any soy lecithin. These exclusions alone show how much effort was invested into selecting Shakeology ingredients that support your health and wellbeing.
best meal replacement shakes for weight loss
Can Children Take Shakeology?

Yes, Shakeology is good for kids. As already mentioned, the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss is made from natural ingredients which have been ground into a powder. Several Shakeology reviews show that kids have been taking the product for breakfast or as a snack late in the afternoon without any problem. In fact, kids enjoy it.

How Much Shakeology Should Kids Take?

Shakeology comes with a scoop in its packaging. Use this scoop to measure out the right amounts for the age/size of your kids. For instance, give smaller kids a third of that scoop. Older kids can take half a scoop.

Can It Be Mixed in Water Alone?

Kids may find it hard to take Shakeology if it is mixed in water only. You can improve its taste by adding other food items, such as vegetables, a banana, almond milk, and any other fruit of your choice. Such a mixture will produce a drink that your kids will keep asking for.

Would Soy Lecithin Be Better?

Soy lecithin isn’t a good product for your kids if you think about how it is derived and processed. For starters, soy lecithin is extracted from the waste products after soy oil has been got from the soya plant. That waste product contains several undesirable elements, such as the pesticides which were sprayed on the soy plant during its cultivation. Soy lecithin also contains solvents and bleaching agents that have been used to alter its color and smell. Would you really want your growing child to become a store for all those unhealthy items? The Shakeology nutrition facts speak for themselves; only natural and wholesome ingredients go into the formulation of Shakeology.

What About Multivitamins?

Contrary to what the adverts may say, your kid may not benefit so much from taking a multivitamin each day. Multivitamins are made in a laboratory. Their formulation includes numerous ingredients which may compromise the health of your kids. For example, the hydrogenated soybean oil used can cause cancer and coronary artery disease. The artificial colors used have also been linked to hyperactivity in kids.

Additionally, the body may not absorb many of the nutrients in the multivitamin since the product isn’t a wholesome food with the natural barriers that make it easy for the body to absorb the vitamins therein. Read the Shakeology ingredients list and you will see that everything is included in its natural state for easy absorption by the body.

What Other Benefits Does Shakeology Offer Kids?

Kids will always be kids. You will, therefore, find it hard to keep them off fast foods, such as chicken nuggets, pizza, and ice cream. Shakeology provides the crucial nutrients which can help the body to digest and get rid of that junk quickly. The natural fiber in Shakeology also helps to keep the kids full for longer and they won’t crave for junk food easily. Cases of bloating will also be rare if Shakeology is a regular item in their diet. A Shakeology comparison with other products will show you that few other shakes can boast of such results.

Shakeology nutrition is good for both kids and adults. You should, therefore, have no reason to starve your body of vital nutrients just because you are busy and cannot have a meal. Just whip up a Shakeology drink and your body will be given the fuel and nutrients that it needs to stay healthy and strong until you can find a cooked meal.