CBD Cream for Pain: Health Benefits Of CBD Cream

cbd cream for pain

Chronic pain and pain, in general, are a health issue especially among the aging populations of industrialized nations. Some clinical pains are often not treated adequately with available drugs. Therefore, physicians are exploring the incorporation of cannabinoid medicines in treatment to complement prescription drugs. However, this approach is under strict government scrutiny. The negative notions associated with cannabis and marijuana make research on CBD very constrained. Cannabinoid medicine introduction to the pharmaceutical domain offers a promising approach to the treatment of pain. The purpose of this post is to highlight for you all about the use of CBD cream for pain relief.

What is CBD?

The cannabis plant produces cannabinoid (CBD). Although CBD is an active chemical compound in marijuana, it has no psychoactive effect. In simple terms, it doesn’t get you high. This trait also makes it safe for use by children as well.

You can obtain CBD in various forms. These include:

  • Creams – Miracle CBD cream, Diamond Baby Hemp cream, CBD BioSkinCare, PureKana’s CBD cream, GreenRoads’ CBD Pain Cream
  • Salves – CBDDY Grandma’s Secret Salve
  • Balms – Elixinol’s CBD Topical Balm
  • Lotions – Enliven CBD Lotion, Liberty Lotion CBD Topical
  • Ointments – CBD Bio Freeze, Green Halo CBD Ointment, PureKana’s CBD Ointment

In this article, we are going to dwell on CBD cream as it has been found to be more easily absorbed, has longer-lasting effects as well as low to no chance of a side effect occurring since it is not ingested.

What is CBD Cream?

CBD cream is made from CBD oil, an extract from the marijuana plant. When blended with other ingredients, CBD oil it forms CBD cream. Some of the ingredients added to CBD oil include cocoa butter, coconut oil, citric acid, olive oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, distilled water, and others not mentioned.

Application of CBD Cream?

Your skin easily absorbs CBD cream. Therefore, all you have to do is massage the cream into the affected area. Before application, make sure your skin is clean by washing it with soap and water to remove anything that may prevent or slow down the penetration of the cream into your skin.

Afterward, massage the CBD cream over your skin. Give it a short time to do its magic. Furthermore, for children and adults with sensitive skin, use a small amount of the cream. Furthermore, monitor your skin after application of the cream for possible reactions to the cream. Some products have dosages indicated on their labels by the manufacturers. Its effects also take time to take place depending on dosage, skin type, or which product you are using.

Health Benefits of CBD Cream for Pain Relief

CBD cream is infused with cannabinoid and is often used for inflammations, soreness, irritated skin, and bacterial infections. Moreover, CBD helps maintain human health by contributing to homeostasis. Some conditions treatable by CBD include:

  • Seizures – check out Charlotte’s Web behind Charlotte’s story. Amazing read
  • Skin problems – Eczema, skin infections, psoriasis, burns, and rashes
  • Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD
  • Nerve pain/sciatica
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Muscle spasms
  • Shoulder pains
  • Heal Wounds
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Knee pains
  • Headaches
  • Backaches

Earaches Reviews of Some CBD Cream Sample Products

Purekana CBD Cream

This cream contains a wide variety of all-natural ingredients. Also, it is infused with CBD oil of premium quality. Additionally, the cream rewards the user with a silky texture and a subtle scent, a Blood Orange scent. As a result of applying the cream, you should expect a feeling of relief within minutes.

Green Road CBD Pain Cream

This cream is also infused with menthol. The manufacturer’s dosage recommends that you use the cream every 4-6 hours. Consequently, you should start feeling pain relief a few minutes after application.

Diamond Hemp Cream

The Diamond CBD group has unveiled this cream as the latest in its line of products. Diamond Hemp also offers products for skincare, bath, and body, clarifying masks, and body scrubs to make sure you benefit from CBD/Hemp.

Nature’s Best CBD Pain Cream

This hemp-based cream offers instant relief from pain. Camphor menthol, an active ingredient in the cream, is also easily absorbed by your skin. You can also be pleased that the smell of the cream goes away very fast if you don’t like it. Hence, you will not be bothered as the cream goes to work to ease your pain.

Apothecary CBD Pain Cream

Apothecary CBD Pain Cream is anti-inflammatory and is used to relieve pain. Furthermore, you can make use of it for neuropathic pain. Contrary to the scent of Nature’s Best CBD Pain Cream that you may be partial to, you are definitely going to like the fragrance Apothecary CBD Pain Cream gives off. Also, your skin easily absorbs the cream into the bloodstream. Not only does this cream relieve you of pain without psychotic effects, but it also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

Apothecanna’s Relieving Crème

Apothecanna’s Relieving Crème is infused with CBD and other plant extracts. The extracts from the plants have anti-inflammatory properties. This moisturizing cream can also treat sore muscles, swollen joints, and irritated skin. And, it has a cooling effect on your skin. Additionally, you can also use Apothecanna’s Relieving Crème to relieve migraines.

Bottom Line

Prescription painkillers sometimes cause more problems than they solve. However, there are times they don’t even work for you. Even so, whatever the pain you are feeling, joint pains, or muscle pains, you can use CBD for pain relief. The anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD cream will work wonders for you. Moreover, there are no known side effects when you use CBD. CBD cream is not as addictive as well.


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cbd cream for pain

CBD Cream for Pain: Health Benefits Of CBD Cream

Chronic pain and pain, in general, are a health issue especially among the aging populations of industrialized nations. Some clinical pains are often not treated adequately with available drugs. Therefore,