How To Manage Time For Exercise If You Have A 9-5 Job

Manage Time For Exercise

Many people who have jobs and will need to report to work every day may find it quite challenging to create exercise time. It may not be your fault, yes, but you are not just fair to your health. If you are working 9-5, you deserve some time for exercise, despite the tight working schedule that runs throughout the day. You can manage time for training so that you win in all aspects of life. The guide below highlights the best ways to manage time for exercise without compromising your working schedule easily. Let us consider the lead steps that will simplify the whole process.

How To Exercise When You’re Working 9-5

Indeed, exercise will help you achieve the fitness goals that everyone admires. Apart from being a tremendous toll that guards against excessive weight, you will be significantly improving your moods and physical health. Long hours of working should not be an excuse for you not being fit. You don’t get time for exercise because you feel exhausted at the end of the day and can’t afford a single practice? What if you incorporate exercise into the working times? Of course, it will be worth wondering how this will be possible, though it’s a good idea to manage time for exercise.

Notably, experts agree that even spending a few minutes for a light exercise plays a great importance.10 to 15 minutes’ workouts in a day are far more effective than a whole day’s exercise! Now that you know this, it will be interesting to learn how activities can find its way in working hours from morning to the last hour of your working time. Let us consider the few ways to incorporate workouts in your working hours to manage time for exercise.

1. Start a Morning Exercise Routine

Starting your day with a bit of exercise and movements is a great way to practice your brains and muscles to work well. You will want to enjoy all the fitness and wellness benefits of exercise in the morning. Your body is often in excellent condition during morning hours after a rest, making it fit for a through morning exercise.

What Is The Importance of Morning Exercise? 

  • First, morning exercises will significantly enhance your metabolic rates, ensuring that you burn more calories throughout the day. 
  • Morning exercises promote consistency, and you will enjoy a smooth workday without skipping any task. 
  • Finally, making a morning exercise routine will harness your physical and mental energy. It is better than the addictive caffeine that you always consume in the morning.

Now that you understand what you will get when you begin exercising in the morning, you should be wondering how to get started. You intend to manage time for exercise. That is why you need to start small, do it for even five minutes. You don’t need long hours of practice as a beginner. The short exercise routines that will be nice for you as a beginner includes;

  • Morning stretches have a role in improving the posture and relieve any form of pain and aches in your muscles as you wake up. Morning stretches are also an effective way to jumpstart the fluid flow throughout your body. 
  • Secondly, morning Yoga is yet something else that you can factor in your morning routines. It helps maintain a calm brain while setting a stage for your day. 
  • Thirdly, you can try the short bodyweight workouts such as jumps and biking to elevate your heart rate.

2. Move More At Work

Now, your morning routines should not last for too long. You will need to go for your routine work, but now it is at the workplace that you should think of even doing more exercises out of it! You don’t need to get a different space, but you find ways while at work. Ensure that you are increasing the work rate by moving more even at work. Research approves it as the best way to improve productivity. Some good companies have a dedicated workout zone not to get bored sitting on that chair for the whole day. 

How Do You Increase Your Movement At Work? 

  • First, you need to have worked breaks to opt to take the stairs to walk rather than the elevator. You can opt to walk to the next office rather than making a call. This way, you are increasing your exercise hours. 
  • You can build a team of friends that will motivate you towards making daily workouts a routine. Set a target, whether for pushups, squats, or even planks. All this will even make it more entertaining and convincing. 
  • You can also opt to use a fitness ball rather than a comfortable office chair. The fitness ball will keep busy as you try to balance yourself, therefore increasing your workout hours.

Many studies discourage long sitting hours, for it weakens some parts of the muscle. It may also cause a problem called Upper cross syndrome. Those people who often sit for long hours develop a rounded upper back and shoulder posture with a forward head position, which often causes headaches and shoulder imbalances. To avoid the disorders that may result after long sitting hours, you can incorporate the stretching exercises below to increase motions while at work.

You can do a Pec Stretch to strict your chest muscles. It is more comfortable doing a pec stretch. You only need to place your hands at either side of the doorway while keeping the elbow bent at 90 degrees. Other exercises that you can factor in include doing the upper trapezius stretch to stretch the upper back. You can check the simple exercise you can do while at the office without necessarily looking for training equipment.

3. The Gym At Lunch Time

Most employees do have a good number of minutes for lunch.  The lunch break is sufficient, and you can manage it for exercise. Did you know that the lunchtime break can be ample time for your Gym? You want to get the benefits of regular exercise even at lunch hours. How do you make the lunchtime workouts happen? You may opt to go for a 10-20-minute gym during lunch. Your Gym should be simple ad maybe you can opt for a swing, running around, lifting weights, but of course, you should be ready for the next lot of work. 

There are many benefits associated with exercises during a lunch break. First, you will be at peak performance after it. You will also enhance your body to generate more energy to end your workday. It is quite interesting to work with healthy people who engage in exercises, to ensure that they are at their peak performance. Attending Gym at lunch will help you improve your time management skills because you will need to cover something within a short time.

4. Exercise at the End of the Workday

The last thing for managing time for exercise is making it a culture to exercise at the end of the workday. Now, if you will handle this, then you are a trusted person. After work, it is normal to feel very tired, and you really won’t wish to engage in anything that will add up to your stress. An exercise after work is crucial because it will help you end the day feeling energized with a rejuvenated mood. You will also get other benefits such as;

  • Relieving stress since it increases the production of endorphins, which makes you feel good 
  • The exercises at the end of the workday will also help you get sound sleep, preparing you for the next assignment the following day 
  • Engaging at the end of the workday exercise will help you make new friends, which is a great way to improve your social character.

There are several exercises you can opt for to boost your energy levels and also enhance your moods. First, it will be great doing Aerobic activities such as jogging, dancing, and even biking. Aerobic exercises are the best for easing issues such as depression, stress, and anxiety. You may also consider lower intensity exercises such as Yoga, which significantly influences moods while reducing anxiety. You can also focus on strengthening muscles and bones by engaging in weight lifting exercises or even using the resistance bands. Other relevant activities that you can factor in to manage time for exercise include joining play teams such as soccer and basketball. All this will be a great way to end your day with a rejuvenated strength rather than a dull mood.

The Bottom Line 

To conclude, it is time to manage time for exercise by considering the activities that will help you stay fit. You can always achieve the fitness and wellness goals even at your workplace without necessarily engaging in serious exercise. Make your workplace a niche for practice and be happy with the little time that you have. When you acknowledge that you have very little time and you desire to stay fit, this is where you begin enjoying it!


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