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Need help improving my skin regimen i need results..

Need help improving my skin  regimen i need results..

I love your skin tone

I would recommend a deep peel like YPO or GPO for starters to speed up your results. Once you have peeled you can add your lighteners – RA, nadinola , LA. Add a vitamin C serum in the AM in your routine. Also try rotating thai soaps like Asantee & K brothers with your kojisan. They exfoliate very well. Keep up the weekly LA peels and repeat the YPO/GPO every 2-3 mths and do manual exfoliation with sugar scrubs e.g. from tree hut. For skin building try adding oils & butters to your regimen e.g. almond oil, shea butter.
Add supplements like vitamin C, glutathione, to your regimen. These will give you an amazing glow and help lighten from inside esp the knuckles. Check out this thread – http://www.skincaretalk.com/showthre…hlight=chuchu1. The supplements gave her a big boost. HTH

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Hey, im back to working on my skin journey. my skin is very dark.. its like akons complexion, iam tryizing to become a light brown complexion. like my skin use to be before the sun damage..

last year my skin routine i would use Ra 0.05% for a week, then i would do a La peel once a week would wash my face with kojic acid soap at night. mornings would wash my face with a regular none drying face wash and apply vitamin c serum, then would apply my moisturizer then follow by burnout sunblock. and i was doing that daily and didn’t see any changes, forgot to add for skin building i was useing goat soap. and for a skin lightener Nadinola fade cream.
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