Everything You Need to Know About Truvision and the Associates Program

Everything You Need to Know About Truvision and the Associates Program

One of the best ways in which you can use to make money online is by joining an associate program. There are various companies and business enterprises that have these programs but sometimes their validity and compensation plans are questionable. The weight loss industry is filled with numerous brands that are always trying to outdo each other. Truvision is one of the most popular weight loss brands that has a pretty good affiliate program that you can join.

What is Truvision Health?

Truvision Health is a US-based MLM company that is known to manufacture products that promote health and wellness. The company which has been in the weight loss industry for more than a decade offers consumers high-quality products weight loss and wellness products. However, one can also join this MLM Company as an associate in order to earn money.

About Truvision Products

Before joining any affiliate program, it is important to know what products the company deals with. From the Truvision reviews, this company’s products are in high demand because of their quality, effectiveness, and also affordability. Some of the products from truvision include:


It is one of the top truvision products that has been formulated with plant-based extracts which mainly works by fine-tuning the blood system. It lowers the blood insulin levels and calorie levels leading to better body functions and healthy organs.


This dietary supplement which contains high-quality natural ingredients helps to revive the body’s metabolism, optimizes the body fat, and suppresses the consumer’s appetite. From the trucontrol weight loss reviews, this product delivers timely and effective results without any jitters.


From the truvision health reviews, this product provides consumers with an amazing night rest. If you are suffering from insomnia or sleeplessness, then TruSlumber can greatly improve your bad sleeping habits.


This truvision product contains a blend of essential oils that help to improve the body’s immunity by enhancing its defense mechanisms.

TruWeight and Energy:

Truvision health reviews show that this product helps the dieter to shed stubborn body fats including abdominal fat by increasing the energy levels in the body and enhancing the rate of metabolism. TruWeight and Energy is a multi-purpose and low-maintenance product that can be used without any diet plan.

Heart and Hydration:

This is a hydrating drink that helps to replenish depleted electrolytes in the body, refreshing and hydrating the body of the user.

TruFuel Vanilla:

This is an amazing superfood that contains well-balanced ingredients. TruFuel Vanilla contains a rich blend of fibers, proteins, and omegas which help to nourish the body and to improve the general development of the dieter.


This is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory product that is used as a first-aid balm for cuts, scrapes, bug bites, and skin irritations.

Making Money with Truvision Health

You can make money with Truvision Health by joining the company as an associate where you share the products with others. The compensation plans include:


It’s the most popular and the most preferred type of Truvision compensation plan. The Unilevel structure has about eight levels. The first and the second level usually earn associates a commission of seven percent. The third and fourth levels have a six percent commission and five percent from the fifth to the eighth level.

Fast Start Program

This compensation plan has been designed by truvision in order to help the associates get back money which they had used in their initial Investments. In order for one to be eligible for the Fast Start program, they can upgrade or sign up and they need to have purchased products oh at least 100 points within the current or the previous month. The Fast Start program has four levels with the first level having a 20 percent commission, 10 percent for the second, and 5 percent for the third and fourth levels. Other types of compensation plans are the Global Bonus and Matching Bonus. Retail profits from preferred customer sales and MSRP sales are usually paid on the tenth of every month.

The Associate Program Requirements

A better way of joining this program is by buying the control kit because the $35 associate fee is usually included in the kit’s price. If you are an associate, you will be required to automate your account for the shipment, to be courteous, honest, and respectful in everything that is related to truvision, avoid pressuring your ideas to others and protect any type of confidential information. You will also need to abide by the truvision procedures and policies which include the DSA Code of Ethics.

Bottom Line

Looking at the trucontrol weight loss reviews, this company differentiates itself from others by selling unique products and its marketing tactics are completely different from what its peers users. Distributors are usually offered commissions based on their levels and the higher your level is, the better your earnings. Truvision is a no-brainer and the associate program provides a better and safe way of making money right away.


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