Why One Two Magnetic Eyelashes is the Best Post-Gym Makeup Hack

Why One Two Lashes is the Best Post-Gym Makeup Hack

Every morning a lot of women are faced with a difficult decision of having to wear their make up within minutes after going to the gym. Working out is a crucial part of most ladies’ morning, and immediately after the exercise they usually find themselves having to prepare for work or school in a matter of minutes. In such cases, wearing makeup perfectly becomes quite challenging. As a woman, therefore, you’d be looking for any beauty hack that’s straightforward and quick to use and at the same time. It should be giving you a sharp and gorgeous appearance that you want. Which another way to achieve this if not through the award winning One Two Magnetic Eyelashes?

With these lashes, it shouldn’t take you more than three minutes to get a long-lasting dewy look that will last you the whole day. You no longer have to spend endless hours drawing and mounting false glue eyelashes where the chances of making errors are so high. One Two Lash is the first magnetic eyelash to be made. They are perfect extensions that’ll boost your morning glow in a matter of seconds, and this is how they work:

Applying One Two Magnetic Eyelashes

Before you even start attaching One Two Lash, you need to know the difference between the top and bottom eyelash. To make them distinctive, the lower lash has a red dot blended on it while the top lash in black throughout.

Step 1 – Pick the top eyelash and mount it on your top natural lashes while keeping it in line with the point where your natural top lash line is. Let it rest there as you pick the bottom eyelash.

Step 2 – Now take the bottom lash and apply it beneath your top lashes just beneath your natural lash line.

Step 3 – Draw the bottom One Two Lash closer to the already applied upper lash. As the two lashes come close together, the magnets will automatically attract each other sandwiching your natural eyelashes.

Step 4 – The final step is more of confirming that the two lashes have been mounted correctly. By blinking a few times, you’ll know whether they are perfectly mounted if not then you can just redo the three easy steps. Perfectly installed One Two Lashes will stay on for as long as you want.

For a video tutorial, take a look at Beauty News by Angela Cruz; she has a step-by-step video that shows how to apply One Two Lash.

Removing One Two Magnetic Eyelashes

Removing the One Two lashes involves the same procedure you use when you are trying to separate two magnets which are to slide them apart. With these lashes, however, you should push them gently by using the tips of your thumb and index finger.

One Two Lashes Kit

One Two Lashes are commonly packaged in a small and sturdy package for protection and also to make it easy to carry the lashes from one point to another. When the lashes are in this kit, you can hence carry them around in your gym bag or handbag the whole day without worrying about environmental factors affecting them. The following are some of the other beauty vitals that you can carry to compliment the Lashes.

One Two Magnetic Eyelashes

1. Cleansing wipes

Cleansing wipes are a fantastic pre-moistened tool that helps you to clean debris and other tiny dirt particles that are common after a workout session. They are useful in refreshing your face for a brighter look.

2. Beauty Balm Stick

One of the best beauty balm sticks is the cocoa butter stick. The primary ingredient in this stick is Theobromine an excellent antioxidant that also doubles up as a potent anti-aging agent. Using this stick after your workouts will help to keep your skin free from wrinkles and lines to maintain that youthful look.

3. Tinted Balm

Every time you engage in an active physical exercise like in the gym your heart’s pumping increases and this has the effect of improving the appearance of your skin. Your skin will become radiant and warm a beautiful look that you have to maintain. With a tinted balm, you’ll be able to give your eyelids, cheeks, and lips a matching appearance completing the already glowing skin.

Types of One Two Magnetic Eyelashes

Each day brings new feelings and moods which as a woman you sometimes want to express them with how you look. One Two Lashes offers you an incredible opportunity to express your personality with three types of lashes. These are:

1. The Original – This is a natural-looking eyelash that is longer, thicker, and more luxurious than the regular falsies in the market.

2. The Bold – This pair adds a voluminous and confident look around your eyes. The Bold eyelashes are well known for their versatility in matching with different kinds of clothes.

3. The Accent – The Accent eyelashes aim is for a mysterious yet sexy look that’s been achieved through the curly tips. These eyelashes will make you stand out from the rest of your friends.

Bottom Line

One Two Eye Lashes have utilized micro-magnetic technology to deliver the first adhesive and glue-free lashes. Each portable package contains two pairs of these lashes which give you a readily available backup plan whenever you want one. Ignite your post-workout glow with these fantastic and easy to use lashes today.