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Seven Ingredients That 310 Shake Reviews Say You Should Avoid In Your Meal Replacement Shake

Seven Ingredients That 310 Shake Reviews Say You Should Avoid In Your Meal Replacement Shake

Making smoothies and juices are a great way of to enjoy your 310 Meal Replacement Shake and give you some variation in your diet. There are a number of different recipes that you can use in order to create a much better and more varied diet plan, as well as adding an extra boost of vitamins and minerals to make your shakes much more exciting, but there are also a few ingredients that you should avoid so that you don’t undo any of the hard work that you’ve already done.

There are many 310 shake reviews available online for you to find the best additions to your shakes, but here are seven ingredients that you should avoid when you’re making a meal replacement shake.


    1. Canned produce

Fruit and vegetables are great to add to your meal replacement shake in order to get an added vitamin boost; canned fruits and vegetables however, are not. They are absolutely piled full of sugars, chemicals, and other preservatives that seriously reduce the nutritional value of the fruit itself. If you want to add fruit and veg into your meal replacement shake then it is better to stick to the fresh stuff.

      2. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is also very, very sugary, and is often very calorific. As well as that, a lot of the nutritional fibers and vitamins that are in the fruit itself are often taken out of the fruit juices due to the fact that the juice is strained in order to be silky smooth. It’s best to stick to the real deal if you want to add fruity flavors into your 310 Meal Replacement Shake.

      3. Sugar and sweeteners

A lot of 310 shake reviews suggest to add some kind of natural sweetener, but any kind of sugar and sugar replacement is detrimental to your weight loss, as they are all full of empty calories, i.e. calories that don’t fill you up. It may make it taste better, but it won’t be beneficial for you. If you want to sweeten up your smoothie then the best way to go about it is add natural sweeteners and syrups such as honey or maple syrup in small doses. If you’re adamant to use a sweetener, then Stevia is the best low calorie sweetener to opt for.

      4. Dairy

Dairy products are heavily calorific. Dairy such as milk and yoghurt are full of fat, and are normally packed with sugar in order to make it taste better. This can leave you gaining weight rather than losing it, and undoing a lot of the progress that you’ve made to get where you are now. You can swap these for lower calorie nut milks such as almond milk, which are naturally sweeter and have much more nutritional value.

       5. Too much fruit

Too much fruit can actually be detrimental to a diet. Sweet fruits contain a lot of natural sugars, so they are a lot better for you than other kinds of sugars, but they can still back a punch to the weight loss and set you back. Use them in small quantities and try to add vegetables and fruits with fats, such as avocados, as these will give you an extra vitamin boost.

       6. Nut butters

Nut butters are a great way to add some extra flavor and texture into your meal replacement shakes, but be warned, as they are also very fatty and can reduce the amount of weight loss that you manage to achieve. The recommended amount to add into your shake is around one tablespoon of nut butter. You can go for smooth or chunky, it really depends on the texture that you prefer.

        7. Extra protein

Our 310 Meal Replacement shakes already have all of the protein that you need to stay full throughout the day and nourish your body with all of the vitamins that you need. Adding extra protein can actually just be detrimental. Many proteins in protein powders are not naturally sourced instead they are synthetically created to give you a protein boost that people need when they’re working hard in the gym. You do not need to add any extra protein to these shakes; they already have it all set out for you in their scientifically developed formula.

We hope that this has helped you tailor and change your 310 Meal Replacement Shake a little bit better so that you can keep losing weight, feel better, and reach the overall body and weight that you have always dreamed of achieving.