Shakeology Comparison With More Brands

Shakeology Comparison

The ideal nutritional choice consists of a well-balanced and prepared meal. With the modern busy schedules, it is often difficult to find ample time to prepare the meals. However, the market today offers a wide range of convenient options, better and healthier than fast foods. Meal shakes contain vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins as well as digestive enzymes. Most people choose to take protein shakes as it has been proven to be an effective diet supplement. Among the most popular options, today is the Shakeology.

Shakeology Comparison

Among the most popular meal replacement shakes include the GNC Lean shake, 310 shakes, Herbalife shake, and the Shakeology. They have proven to be among the best in the weight loss supplements industry. All the products have earned their fair share of customers. When trying to figure out the best lean shake for you, it is necessary that you go through some of the most notable differences among them.

Shakeology vs Herbalife Shake Flavors

  • Huge Differences in pricing

The pricing difference is among the major things noticeable from the two products. Shakeology supplements are usually offered at a higher price, nearly four times higher than the Herbalife. Herbalife shakes retails as $1.13 each while the other sells at $4.33 per shake. However, the huge price margin usually adds up in the long run.

  • Shakeology is nutritionally better

Shakeology has been well marketed as being among the most nutritional shakes available. It is well known to contain a wide variety of essential micro and macro-nutrients. You can look down the nutrients list on their packages to see the differences between the two shakes. For instance, Shakeology shakes contain 3g less sugar, 8 grams more proteins as well as 50 more calories than the Herbalife shake recipes.

Higher Essential Ingredients on Shakeology

Among the two major factors, you may consider when getting the differences between the two shakes are their sources of protein and fat. For the Herbalife shake flavors, soy is often their main source of proteins, while the shakeology ingredients list has full of proteins from pea and whey. Traditionally, whey proteins are considered to be of a higher quality with less adverse side effects, as compared to soy proteins.

Despite the traditional belief that fats are harmful to the body, they are really necessary for normal body function. The point of consideration when checking your fats intake is their type and source. In the shakeology ingredients list has whey proteins from which they get all fat from the while the Herbalife Shake get their fat from medium-chain triglycerides and canola. These sources of fat are not the most recommended as they may have adverse side effects on your body.

Shakeology vs 310

Shakeology vs 310 Shake

  • Calories

When your main aim of using these products is weight loss, then it is important that you check the number of calories you take in each of them. A low number of calories is essential for effective weight loss. In comparison, the plant-based 310 shake is made with lower amounts of calories at 90 per serving while Shakeology shake counts at 130 per serving. 310’s shake is, therefore, more effective in weight loss as compared to Shakeology.

  • Sugars

This is a critical element when talking about meal replacement shakes mainly because sugar highly promotes weight gain, while the main purpose of shakes is to help lose weight. 310’s shake is well known to be all plant-based supplements that contain no added sugars, while the Shakeology one has about 7 grams in every serving.

  • Proteins

The type and amount of proteins in your meal replacement shakes are essential in achieving your goals. Lack of sufficient high-quality proteins in your shakes cannot boost your metabolism effectively. You may not get the necessary nutrients or energy needed throughout the day. Both Shakeology and 310 shakes are rich in proteins. Shakeology gets its proteins from sacha inchi, pea, whey, quinoa, flax, and chia. 310 vanilla shake contains three main proteins, hemp, pea, and brown rice.

Shakeology vs GNC Lean Shake

  • Nutritional Values

Both products have been proven to be excellent meal replacement shakes that can provide enough energy and nutrients to help you run throughout the day. They help in reducing your calorie intake leading to weight loss. GNC’S lean shake contains a count of 200 calories and 25 grams protein. It is low on sugar and high sodium content. On the other hand, Shakeology contains 17 grams of proteins and 160 calories. Its sugar content is also low but with lower sodium content at 150 mg which is really good for kids and adults both.

  • Flavor choices

GNC’s lean shake comes in a wide range of flavor options including mixed berry, banana, orange cream, vanilla, snicker-doodle, and a variety of chocolate. However, it lacks a vegan option. Shakeology comes in five main flavors. These are the strawberry, vanilla, café latte, chocolate, and Greenberry flavors. In addition, it provides vegan versions that come with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavors.

Bottom Line

With the Shakeology meal replacement shakes is the most popular option in the industry, they have seen plenty of celebrity endorsements. Having as easy to use and a user-friendly website has also helped make it a top choice for many. However, depending on your goals there is a wide range of other comparable lean shake options that can best suit your particular diet plan.


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Shakeology Comparison

Shakeology Comparison With More Brands

The ideal nutritional choice consists of a well-balanced and prepared meal. With the modern busy schedules, it is often difficult to find ample time to prepare the meals. However, the