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Skincare question – Pore help

Skincare question – Pore help

Hey guys, I’m new here!
I’ve noticed recently that I have quite large pores on my face. As I was growing up i had super greasy skin, I was washing my face every day to keep acne at bay until I went on holiday , and low and behold after a little sun my face completely cleared up! brilliant. I never had another big acne problem again after that.

However I think my pores have always been quite large. I just got back from living in a hot sunny country for about a year. I think a lot of the time I didnt wear suncream. (stupid, I know). It may have affected me.

I’m 23, I’ve come to the realisation that this skin has got to last me my entire life, and therefore i need to take better care of it.

Will my skin always be like this? Is this a big problem or is it pretty normal? can my skin recover and what should I be doing to take care of it, repair damage?


All the best!!

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