VitaPulse Supports Your Healthy Heart (even if you barely exercise)

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I am not the person my friends call when they are looking for a workout buddy. I’m not ashamed of that, and I never have been which is probably why today, I am struggling to lower my risk of cardiovascular events. You see, I don’t like to run, do aerobics or really anything that gets my heart pumping. What I like to do involves sitting in a big cushiony chair with some type of salty, packaged snack food while I relax, and enjoy my favorite television program. And I’m not the only one. Truth be told most people in America do the same thing, but finally at the age of 56 my bad habits had caught up with me, and the effects of my luxuriously lazy lifestyle were starting to become a problem.

I knew that even though I wasn’t overweight, that the lack of exercise I did could still negatively affect my health. And it had happened after my 56th birthday. I made an appointment with my doctor for a checkup, and he told me that I was losing energy in the most important vital organ of my body: my heart.

Then he explained to me what was the most likely cause of it, and what I could do to make my situation improve.

He explained that because I hardly ever exercised (over the course of the entire past 56 years) that my resting heart rate was high, and that my heart was working harder than it should be just to keep a strong, and steady beat. This was concerning to me because as you probably already guessed, I wasn’t excited about starting a new exercise regimen. In fact … there’s nothing I would have rather NOT done.

Taking Reducing Risk Factors for Heart Disease Seriously

Taking into consideration that my lack of exercise had ultimately affected the proper function of my cardiovascular system, I was ready to make some changes in my lifestyle. Here is what my doctor suggested to help reduce my risk factors for heart disease:

  • Limit my intake of sugary beverages including juices, and soda
  • Eliminate processed, packaged foods from my diet
  • Stop eating trans fats all together
  • And (of course) get more exercise (doing moderate activity at least 2½ hours a week)

After taking these changes into consideration, all I could think about was my close friend Michael. He had recently been told by his doctor that he needed to address his personal risk factors for heart disease. However, his heart troubles were different than mine. His increased risk for heart disease were associated with his history as a smoker, and his diet which included a large amount of saturated fats from red meat. So, I called him to ask how he was doing, and if he had successfully been able to achieve his goal of reducing the risk factors he had. All I could think was, “If Michael can do this, I can do this.”

So, I called him, and I’m happy to say that he was able to reduce his risk factors of heart disease which (for him) included high cholesterol, the after-effects of smoking cigarettes, and his extra weight. Michael’s good news made me really happy for him, and also got me excited that I may be able to get my heart health back on track too.

The Secret of VitaPulse for a Healthy Heart

The VitaPulse formula is a simple yet effective 3-ingredient combination of antioxidants for the heart. Each of them work in a different way to support cardiovascular health. Here’s a quick breakdown of the ingredients:

  1. NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) 250mg: This is an antioxidant that is actually a derivative of an amino acid – a tiny protein known as cysteine. Once inside the body, cysteine is converted into NAC, which offers protection to healthy cells of the cardiovascular system from what’s known as the oxidative process, or oxidation. This process is the same one that spoils fresh foods on your kitchen countertop. You know the drill. Just as soon as you cut an apple in half, and leave it out, it starts to turn brown, right? This is the result of the oxidation process however, in your body the oxidative process breaks down your healthy cells, and instead of the healthy color of the apple breaking down, its your healthy cells.
  1. CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) 100mg: This ingredient is an antioxidant enzyme that works to fight off free radicals produced during the oxidative process as well. However, it has a unique way that it works to support heart health in that it is able to boost energy levels of the heart, from the inside out. Able to boost energy production in the center of cells, called the mitochondria, CoQ10 may help to increase the overall energy output of your heart, without having to increase your time on the treadmill.
  2. PQQ Na2 (Pyrroloquinoline Quinine Disodium Salt) 10mg: This is an antioxidant compound that works to not only improve heart cell function, but also aids in the reparative process to help heal existing damage to the mitochondria of healthy heart cells.


Who Should Take VitaPulse?

The VitaPulse formula isn’t just your average, run-of-the-mill heart supplement. It is a formula made only with the power of antioxidants for the heart, each of which are able to approach cardiovascular health in a different way. But the VitaPulse formula doesn’t stop there. Because VitaPulse is made with only antioxidants, it’s also a super easy way to support your overall health as these compounds are one of the best ways to boost immunity.

For this reason, VitaPulse is an ideal dietary supplement for people looking to improve their cardiovascular function, boost heart health, and also support their overall health, and resistance against common infections with the power of a triple antioxidant formula. So, really VitaPulse is right for everyone with an increased risk for heart disease of any kind.